The Real Gold Is In the List


Article by: Marty Foley

Are you a one shot, hit-and-run marketer, or do you appreciate that the real gold in business is in the list?

Rather than focus on one-shot deals, savvy marketers realize the value of a good list, and seek ways to expand and derive more value from theirs.

What kind of lists am I talking about? On the Internet, an opt-in list of customers, or of targeted prospects who've agreed to receive regular communications from you. Or it may be an offline list of postal mailing addresses, telephone, or fax numbers (compiled in a legal, ethical manner, of course).

The best list is a targeted one, comprised of those who are at least familiar with you; with whom you've already developed a relationship of trust. Ideally, it's made up of those who've already done business with you, or have at least expressed in interest in the type of goods you offer.

It's NOT a list of randomly gathered (untargeted) contact information, whether email addresses to which unsolicited spam messages are sent, or otherwise.

Once you've developed a good, targeted list, you have a valuable asset. For example:

* Valuable time, effort and expense are invested in gaining customers. Customer acquisition is one of the greatest marketing expenses. Many marketers toss this investment out the window by selling one thing to a customer, one time, and forgetting about them forever. A good list, on the other hand, lets you market your goods
and services much less expensively.

* Additional sales to previous customers are often easier to make and more profitable than the initial sale. A relationship of trust has been built, provided the customer is satisfied with his/her purchase, and the service received.

* You gain leverage. When you approach others to arrange joint ventures, for instance, ownership of a sizeable, properly targeted list is a powerful bargaining asset.

* You can sell advertising to others who want to market to your list.

* Repeat business is crucial to the success of virtually all businesses. With a good list you stand a much better chance of turning prospects into buyers, and buyers into life-long customers.

* You have a built-in audience to which you can quickly roll out new offers of products or services. It's not unusual for a savvy marketer to generate thousands of dollars within days - even hours - of rolling out a new offer to their targeted list.

If your home or office caught fire and you could only take one business item with you, what would it be? For many marketers, it would be their list. It would be the single most valuable asset in helping them start over from scratch.

After reading this, perhaps you're thinking "But Marty, I don't have a list." Well, now you know how valuable a properly developed and targeted list can be. And if you already have one, you've just been reminded of its value. Grow it, groom it well, and profit from it accordingly.

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