Below we have listed Internet business and marketing related
e-books (in alphabetical order).

Saving to your hard drive. Some of the free information you may run across on the Internet will include files in the PDF format (just like some of the e-books here). When clicking on the link, it will open up your browser so you can read the material. Did you know that there is a way to view this same material off-line? Just right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As..." from the drop down window.


10 Commandments of Power Positioning
by Dr. Michael Fortin - Packed full of powerful marketing secrets, this ebook will help you and your business enhance its image and increase its business.
Advanced Marketing Resource Links
Here an e-book packed with resource links for web site design, search engines, press releases and much more.
Autoresponder Magic
A Massive Collection of Winning Autoresponder Messages to Model, Copy and Swipe.
Business Web
(603Kb) by Steve MacLellan - The information within this book should help you gain a much better insight to building a web site. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a designer, the concepts presented here are all ones you will need to be familiar with. It is sincerely intended that this information will be beneficial to you as it has been compounded by experience.
Customers... Selling... and what you need to Know!
This free e-book is packed with tidbits of interesting statistical data that is concise and well written. Find out what the latest advertising trends are, what works and what doesn't, attitude of customers, what they expect, and much more.
Free Publicity... to Profits!
(860Kb) by Larry Wack, Ryana's Hope Printing/Publishing
This free e-book has information and tips on ad writing, graphics, content, article writing, and where to find sites to enhance your advertising/marketing efforts.
How to Write Ezine Ads That Guarantee Results
(330Kb PDF File) by Merle - Ezine advertising is a great way to hit your target market but your ad needs to grab the reader's attention and pull them in. Download this free report that will tell you how to write award winning ads that will improve your sales.
Internet Business Planning Workbook
(98Kb) This PDF e-book helps companies of all sizes in formulating a strong Internet business plan.
Is Your Web Designer a Marketer ? He Should Be!
(95Kb PDF file) by Chuck Pearson - This eBook talks about the importance of having your website created by a marketing professional who understands how to sell. Learn the importance of selling a product's benefits rather than its features, effective layouts and how to have your site work for you. Contents Include:
- Inherent differences between marketers and programmers
- True purpose of your website layout
- Benefits versus features
- Minimal effort = high rewards.
Scientific Advertising
This free e-book offers 21 chapters about advertising by Claude C Hopkins who many say was the greatest advertising genius of the 20th century.
Secrets of Top Search Engine Placement
(485Kb) This E-book will show you how many of the top search engines work and how to optimize your web site for these engines. There have been a few changes in the search engines since its publication, but it still offers a lot of valuable information.
The Best of Dr. Kevin Nunley - Vol. 1
Dr. Kevin Nunley's marketing articles are regularly printed on AOL, Prodigy, and in many business magazines. You can also see his monthly column appearing exclusively in DEMC. You can find him talking about marketing as the moderator of Prodigy Internet's marketing discussion area.
Kevin's long experience working with e-businesses has taught him that many traditional business tactics won't work well on the Internet. Therefore, he works on a model that says that one should tailor their marketing strategy specifically for the Net, rather than trying to superimpose old practices onto a new media.
The Email Edge
(134Kb) by Molly Gordon - PDF format
101 tips for maximizing and minimizing the hassle of email
Unlimited Profits
Here are some tips to writing copy for your sales letters and web sites.
Unleash Your Internet Marketing Success
(402Kb) This free e-book has 13 chapters of valuable strategies, techniques and solutions you can use to help your online business.
Web Page Design in 7 Days!
Here are lessons 1-7 to learn the basics of HTML web design from the Learnem Group.
Website Promotion 101
(2.89MB) "Learn the tips tricks and basic strategies to drive massive traffic to your web site. Learn how to successfully promote your web site online in order to drive people to your site. You've invested a lot of money and hard work into building the perfect web site. Now that it's finished you may be wondering why no one is visiting it! You need to promote your web site....Aimed at the beginner, but with useful knowledge for even an advanced web marketer, this book will give you an excellent head start into the world of Web Site Promotion and Marketing. Plus it’s free :)"
Zero-Budget Search Engine Submission Ebook
(372k) Submit your website to 60 Major Search Engines and Directories for Free of charge. This e-book will teach you how to get a good ranking in Search Engines. The free tool will help you to promote your site very easily.


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