Waging an Online Marketing Campaign

Article by Steve Brewer

A traditional marketing campaign always uses multiple marketing methods repeating a consistent message. An online marketing campaign works in much the same way.

Here are some possible steps for an online marketing campaign:

  1. Submit your Site - Optimize your website to achieve good search engine rankings. This involves metatags, a good description tag, and language developed with keyword phrase placement in mind. The site should be submitted to all applicable search engines and directories.

  2. Links - Consider doing strategic link development with complementary websites to build traffic. Basically, you include a link on your site to a complementary site, and that site includes a link to your site. You are helping each other improve traffic. Another benefit is that the more links to your site, the higher the site ranks in most search engines.

  3. Opt-in mailing lists - A company called PostmasterDirect.com offers opt-in email lists. These lists consist of people who choose to be emailed about the subjects they sign up for. It is not spam. You could purchase a list and send out a useful offer.

  4. Email newsletter - You put together a monthly or quarterly newsletter featuring helpful information about your industry, tips and ideas, web links, and information about your company and products. Distribute via email to customers, past customers, prospects, vendors and other contacts.

  5. Sponsorship - You could sponsor an industry e-zine or online forum and get your link placed in it.

There are many other methods you could use as well. By developing an online marketing campaign that utilizes a number of different techniques, you have a better chance for success.


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