The Sales That Slip Away


Article by: Linda Brakeall

What do people talk about with their friends when they're buying a new car? About new cars! And what do people talk about when they are buying a new house or refinancing a mortgage? Right! Houses and mortgages.

And when they talk about mortgages, are your customers talking about YOU? Your goal as a salesman who likes to work from referral business, is to make the process so easy that every one who works with you will recommend you to their friends.

Most salespeople don't live on referrals. WHY NOT? They are either embarrassed to ask for them, or they get so busy with the paperwork of the deal that they FORGET to ask for referrals!

Brakeall's Rule #1: You don't ask. You don't get.

Brakeall's Rule #2. You ask for more. You get more!

So how do you ask? Several ways. Pick one! Immediately after you take the application, you say: "Are any of your friends shopping for a mortgage like you were?"

When you call back to get more information, or better yet, when you call to say "Your loan is approved!" you say: "I've really enjoyed working with you and would love to work with any of your friends. Who else in your circle is thinking about a new house or a mortgage?"

Right after the loan closes, call to say congratulations and ask: "Could I ask you for a little feedback on my service?" If they give you a good report, you can do two things. First ask for a testimonial. "Will you put that in writing?" and 2. "Will you say that to your friends when they need a mortgage? Could I send you a few business cards, just in case you need them?"

Keep in touch 3 or 4 times a year, see how they are doing and ask: "By the way, do you happen to know of anyone thinking of making a move or needing to refinance?"

They may send you their friends and they will definitely remember you when it's time for them to get a new mortgage!


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Linda Brakeall is the author of Unlocking The Secrets of Successful Women in Business, and has trained 36,000 people in 27 states in sales, marketing, presentations, and communications since 1992. She has authored 99 magazine articles on sales, marketing, selecting salespeople, managing sales teams and communications. You can find out more about Linda and what she can do for you at
Ph: 800-662-7249

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