E-Mail Newsletter Publishers: How You Can
Do What I Did That Flooded My E-Mail
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Article by: Marty Foley

Do you publish an e-mail newsletter? For those that don't, a future article will give tips on how to go about doing that. Let me first share some of the benefits of publishing your own email newsletter, and then I'll focus on how you can imitate what I did that resulted in my email box being crammed with over 200 subscription requests for my Global Profit$ (now named ProfitInfo) E-Mail Newsletter within 24 hours of its taking effect, and requests continued for days. (If you think you might take advantage of the benefits of publishing an email newsletter in the future, why not print out a hard copy of this newsletter and file it away for future reference?)

Advantages Of Publishing An Email Newsletter

# The technological power of the Internet makes it possible for anyone with Internet access to become a publisher with global reach, right from the convenience of their own desktop.

# With a web site, your prospects/customers must come to you. Not so with an email newsletter. Convenient delivery right to their email boxes.

# It's dirt cheap! No expenses for printing, postage, or long distance phone/fax calls.

# You can do mass emailings without spamming -- readers have asked to subscribe.

# Your newsletter can be used to remind your prospects and customers of your products and services - or to visit your web site for more details on them.

Any marketer worth his salt knows the importance of repetition with a marketing message. An email newsletter is an ideal way of reminding prospects/customers of your existence. It's a good way to follow up and keep in touch with contacts you've made.

Suppose you mailed a print catalog to someone. They may set it aside and forget about it. But your email newsletter lands in their email box, they read it, their interest is piqued, and they end up visiting your web site or picking up your print catalog again and ordering one or more of your products or services. I've personally noticed an increase in sales to prospects that have requested my Business Success Catalog and then subscribed to my newsletter.

# Some publishers end up profitably selling ad space within their newsletters.

How To Get 'Tons' of Subscribers For Your Email Newsletter

CAUTION: Please make sure you have the time and server space to handle a 'ton' of email messages within a day or so after this technique takes effect. It's quite possible that you'll also get swamped with subscription requests.

What I did to get flooded with email newsletter subscription requests was post an announcement to NEW-LIST mailing list, which is emailed to thousands of subscribers. Within the dotted lines below is a copy of the message that I posted to the list, (updated to reflect the existing newsletter format) so you'll have an idea of the format I used. (I just copied the format of another message that was posted.)

After the example I'll explain how you can subscribe to the NEW-LIST announcement list and post an announcement for your own email newsletter.

Subject: NEW: ProfitInfo Email Newsletter
ProfitInfo Email Newsletter via <Subscribe@ProfitInfo.com>.
This email newsletter is delivered approximately once monthly. Here you'll discover business success tips, free offers, and business building resources to help you profit - online and off.

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To start your FREE E-Mail Subscription to Marty Foley's ProfitInfo Email Newsletter, send a blank email message to: <Subscribe@ProfitInfo.com>.
Owner: Marty Foley of Victory Ventures <MFoley@ProfitInfo.com>
Discover more profit-building resources for your business success, online and off, at: http://ProfitInfo.com

To subscribe to the NEW-LIST Mailing List send email to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU. In the body of your email message, type: Subscribe New-List Then you'll receive a confirmation email message. As the instructions will tell you, all you need to do is hit REPLY and type: "ok" (without the quotation marks) in the body of the message.

Once subscribed, you might want to wait until you receive some postings of other announcements from the list until you get a feel for the format.

When creating your announcement to post to the NEW-LIST Mailing List, it's just like creating any other effective marketing communication. Be sure to stress the benefits of your newsletter, as you can see that I did in the example above.

If you'd like to email me with the results of posting an announcement of your email newsletter to this list, I'd be glad to hear about how many subscribers you get.

And, of course, if you're not already a subscriber of ProfitInfo EMail Newsletter, see resource box below.

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