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Article by: Linda Brakeall

I was at a golf outing last night and saw some marvelous networking going on. The kind you sometimes observe where people are rushing up to other people and saying: " I was just talking to Mr. (or Ms. X)and they need …(your service/product) because they …...! Here's his card, I told him you'd call him tomorrow." The recipient of the referral would say "Thanks" and moments later was doing just about the same thing with someone else: "Call so & so. They NEED you!"

Being a fascinated observer of the human condition, I wondered how people get to the point where they spend more time actively giving out business to their friends and less time actively looking for business for themselves.

I noticed those referral givers:

*Tend to actively listen.

To what you do.
To what other people need.
They often play match-maker and help others do more business.

*Very little "I-Talk"; a lot of "YOU-Talk".
They find ways to demonstrate (not talk about) their own personal expertise! (It's not always specific expertise. It may be style, follow through and professionalism.)

*Were all very successful and very active in that group for more than a year which demonstrates perseverance and that is an attractive quality in someone who want to do business with, isn't it?

*Had found a home in this group by offering their services to the group in a helpful manner to show off their skills and knowledge. They did jobs that were hard to fill.

"I'm a finance wizard. I'd be happy to do the group's books."
"I'll sell those raffle tickets. I've been an auctioneer for ten years. "
"Marketing is my specialty. Would you like me to design that flyer?"

After people have actually seen someone like that in action, doing what they do well, it is easy for someone to say:
" You need a mortgage? You've got to talk to So & So! She's a Loan Officer! We had a fund raiser and she took over organizing the volunteers. She put together time lines, work schedules, job descriptions. I have never seen anyone so well organized and detail oriented. She has to approach lending the same way. Call her before you get your mortgage!"

Wouldn't you love to have them talking about you like that?

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Linda Brakeall is the author of Unlocking The Secrets of Successful Women in Business, and has trained 36,000 people in 27 states in sales, marketing, presentations, and communications since 1992. She has authored 99 magazine articles on sales, marketing, selecting salespeople, managing sales teams and communications. You can find out more about Linda and what she can do for you at
Ph: 800-662-7249

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